Oberhofen Castle, Lake Thun Switzerland

Oberhofen Castle
CH-3653 Oberhofen
Tel. 033 243 12 35

The feudal castle of Oberhofen was built in the 12th C. by the Lords of Oberhofen but had to be surrendered to the Austrians in 1306. In 1844 the Prussian Count Friedrich von Pourtales de Castellane Norante gave the castle a romantic aspect by adding numerous turrets, balconies and dormer windows. Regularly patterned flower-beds were laid out on the lakeside terrace and exotic trees were planted. An American, W. M. Measy, inherited the castle in 1926 and had a branch museum of the Bernese Historical Museum installed.

The castle and its park are situated on the lakeside. In the castle’s museum there is an important exhibition of Bernese interior decoration from the 16th to 19th centuries. In addition there is a Medieval castle chapel and a Turkish smoking room. There is also a historical landscaped garden with exotic woods and and a childrens chalet with a collection of toys.

Photo: myswitzerland.com

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